UPDATE! I have removed the image from this page because Gary Gray, the "man" who runs realmovienews, sent me this email:

Hi Devin,

I’m very confused here.

I send you a link to our story
last week of our Nicole Kidman pics filming

His Dark Materials.

don’t run it, which is totally fair, you run whatever stories you

But today you run it only after Coming Soon had ran it?

somehow an image lifted off of our site, even although it had a HUGE

COPYRIGHT notice on it has landed on your site.

Feel free to explain how
that happened.

Being a brit, I’m thinking along lines that you must be as
fucking stupid as

your dumbass retard president who wouldn’t know an
international law unless

he could ignore it. But what do I know our ‘leader’
is his puppy dog.

Gary Gray

His email address is gary.gray@clara.co.uk, feel free to drop him a line about his cool pictures! Or to sign him up for the John Mark Karr fanclub!

And here’s the original piece:

The Golden Compass, the first film in the His Dark Materials trilogy, has started shooting in Jolly Olde England, and the first pictures from the set have rolled in (actually, these are the second bunch of pictures someone sent me, but the first batch was like trucks parked on the side of the road. Ooooh!), and they show us Nicole Kidman in costume as the wicked, nasty bitch Ms. Coulter.

What a terrifying name!

Coulter’s role in The Golden Compass is a mysterious but nasty one – I won’t give it away here (although I am sure the studio will long before release), but suffice it to say that she’s very, very mean to children. But she’s quite glamorous!

Not pictured is Coulter’s daemon, a golden monkey (who probably has some tales of his own). In the world of His Dark Materials all humans have daemon counterparts that take the forms of animals. Coulter’s is very, very mean, really having a lot in common with his owner.

For more pictures, visit realmovienews.