’s no secret that I am less than psyched about Alien vs Predator 2, even with CHUD friend Shane Salerno writing the script. Besides all the general misgivings about the project, recent casting news – a bunch of TV actors I’ve never seen – hasn’t lit me on fire.

But now a secret informer (yeah, we get those sometimes too!) has told me that there’s some decent casting news coming. Our informer claims that John Ortiz, last seen in Miami Vice, will be playing the fairly large role of Morales.*

I never did write a review of Miami Vice, but I wasn’t hugely impressed with the film. That said, I thought Ortiz, who played Jose Yero, the drug cartel middle man, was fantastic. Ortiz has been doing the TV rounds for a while and has recently been breaking into bigger and bigger films – he’s currently shooting Ridley Scott’s American Gangster.

So there’s some pretty good news for you. Sadly, I doubt any casting will make Alien vs Predator 2 any good, but a couple of good actors may just make it watchable.

*We’ll be following up on this story on Monday when Ortiz’ reps are actually around to answer their phones!