’s something about Baltimore that really brings out the baldie in Bruce Willis. He filmed 12 Monkeys there, and he went totally bald. Now he’s back in town for Live Free or Die Hard (a title so spectacularly awful that I am coming to really like it), and he’s letting his chrome dome flag fly again.

The first pictures from the film have appeared in a Baltimore newspaper, and they’re mostly dull stuff – a bunch of Bruce standing around. They do reveal that the film will include – spoilers! – exteriors, I guess.

One of the pictures seems to have director Len Wiseman giving Willis some direction of some sort – perhaps, “In this scene you feel very lucky, like a fairly untalented guy who has gotten himself a strong career and a very hot lady and never did anything to deserve it. Try to capture that feeling.”

Live Free or Die Hard is about cyberterrorism, and it features Justin Long as a guy who spends the whole film telling everyone that this could have all been avoided if they just had a Mac. When terrorists shoot him dead a nation of PC owners cheers.