I know what you guys are thinking…

"What more stuff could this prick do with mediocrity?"

Websites. Music. Comic Strips. Podcasts. Scripts. Book Ideas. Television.

I’ve given you folks a ton of ammo to bring the hate with, but only now have I really dipped into something that just might win you over.


Granted, this isn’t the surely coveted centerfold of me on a bearskin rug cradling a bottle of Maker’s Mark and covering my gentlemen with a Leviathan Beanie Baby, but it’s a step in the right direction. Today at roughly 9:10am est/6:10am pst I’ll be appearing live on Playboy Radio on Sirius to talk about movies in their unique R-rated morning show and if it goes well the Friday morning commute for some satellite owners just got Sewerer.

I have no idea what to expect, but I do know that the idea of a truly free forum to discuss this stuff is the only way to go. Nothing against my former venues at CNN, Q-100, G4, Dave Sturgeon, 96 Rock, and all the others, but this could be a lot of fun. Tune in if you can.

For more on the show, click here. Here’s the description from their site.

"Kevin Klein and Cort McCown host the only audio version of Playboy magazine and bring the lifestyle to radio! Hef’s girlfriend Kendra shares her football picks; Hot Blonde Jolane does the Playboy Quickies; and author Donna Spangler reveals How To Get a Rich Man."