’s get this out of the way – I have no clue what the fuck anyone in the new trailer for Park Chanwook’s next film, I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK, is saying. At all. But who cares when the movie looks so gorgeous, with powerful colors just popping out and traditional South Korean ragtime piano music playing over everything?

The film is a departure from the director’s vengeance trilogy, and apparently in a big way – the story is about a girl who thinks she’s a combat cyborg and is put into a mental hospital. There she meets a fellow psychotic who thinks he can steal souls (and who apparently dresses like a bargain basement Frank the Bunny) and the two fall in love.

Twitch has the link to the trailer, which you can download, here. I don’t know when the heck this will be hitting the US, but I am hoping that it plays at some film festival I attend so that I can see it long before the rest of you and spend months and months rubbing in how good it is, and maybe even put it on my Ten Best list a year before you can even seriously consider seeing it. Bow before me, puny mortals!