I remember when the first Spiderman was coming out and I was a wreck. I couldn’t wait. One of the most human of all superheros was coming to the big screen and all was good in the world. Then I actually saw the movie. I thought I would never actually walk out of a movie. I almost did for Spiderman. Talk about a let down. They butchered the story for no reason. Why change one of the best stories Marvel had to offer? In the first movie Peter loses his uncle, gains his powers, moves to manhattan, kills the Green Goblin, and almost scores with the girl of his dreams and one of the hottest girls in the Marvel universe. UMMMM WHAT? This is the same guy that in the comics took forever to finally get Mary Jane. Why did they blow past Gwen Stacy and one of the greatest deaths in Marvel history? There was no respect for the storyline that created the Spiderman we love. It was simply give him his powers, take aways something he loves, give him his witty lines, make him learn responsibility, beat the bad guy, and give him his shot with the love of his life. Where is the depth in all that?
Jump ahead to Spiderman 2 and now we have what looks like a vast improvement. Yet once again the same nonsense. No character development for Spidey. All action and no real story. A HUGE waste of talent and villanry with Alfred Molina play Doc Oc perfectly yet he becomes a borderline unimportant person in the movie. Once again I almost walk out but I don’t because I keep wanting it to work. Instead I get slapped in the face because by end of the movie Peter and Mary Jane are together!! He turns her down in the first movie to only chase her in the second and actually win her. After this movie I decided never to watch another Spiderman again and from what every one of my friends told me it seems I made the right choice because the franchise took a major blow with a not so hot Spiderman 3.
Now its time for Spiderman 4 according to Marvel because its a cashcow and not because they respect the legacy of Spiderman. Leave it alone. Tobey Maguire was a great Peter Parker and if he doesn’t come back then it’s not worth it. Kirsten Dunst was a terrible Mary Jane, so hopefully she won’t come back. Sam Raimi killed the Spiderman storyline I really hope he doesn’t come back. Part of me wishes they would get it right with another one but by now I realize they never will. Leave Spiderman alone until The Avengers at least then he might be an interesting character again without Sam Raimi.