the quote on the cover that proclaims Chan-Wook Park’s Lady Vengeance is the "best revenge thriller since Kill Bill" might impress some of you, it sells the film way short. It’s apples and oranges.

Actually it’s honeydew melons and the sacred fruit of The Antilean Goddess. This trilogy of films (joining Oldboy and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance) are those rare films from the East that have all the hype in the world and still manage to defy expectations in the best way possible. That’s not a slight on Quentin Tarantino, either. His flicks are great, but I’m sure he’s as big a fan of Park’s as the rest of us. These should be the flicks that wake up the boneheaded and force them to own films with subtitles.

The folks that populate’s Asian films thread (8,230 posts and counting) already know the score, but if you don’t already it’s time. If you do know the score, you obviously crave this DVD with your every fibre even though you have the Korean, Japanese, and Midian versions already.

Thankfully, we have a stack of these suckers for like minded Otaku nutjobs such as yourselves.

How to win?

It’ll cost you one long distance call, but most of us have cell phones that don’t penalize (or penile-eyes) us for making them.

Call the Voice Mail Hotline and leave us a message telling us what your favorite film from the East is and why. Also, give us a fun pull-quote about Something like "Why I visit is because I only crave free shit and could care less about the articles". Or something else. Please say your name.

Then, send me an email at this link or create one with the subject line VENGEANCE with your name and mailing address and the time of your call to our hotline. Winners will be rewarded with the glory of a job well done and a copy of this erection spouting DVD.

If you can’t wait, go to your local store. It was released today!