might remember me talking about a low-budget, completely indie movie coming out of Seattle called June & July. It’s been described as “Jim Jarmusch does Unbreakable,” and I think that’s perfect – it’s about 20-something twins, brother and sister, who live in a nowhere town and have nowhere lives. Oh, and she’s got super powers.

The filmmaker, Brady Hall, has been working to drum up some money for reshoots to get the movie into shape for the festival circuit, but the current cut of June & July will be playing at the Local Sightings Film Festival at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle on October 6th. I think that Brady has a very fine film in the making here, and hopefully this screening will get it some more attention.

Seattle readers, the screening is free, and you can click here to reserve your spot. I imagine Brady will be there – he’ll be the frightening, greasy looking guy with the long hair and huge beard – and you can ask him about the time we had our tarot cards read.