first official stills from the 5th Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, appeared in The Scotsman, and one picture has made its way online. The image has Harry on the floor, about to unleash a patronus on a Dementor coming after him on the Hogwarts school grounds.

There’s a second picture, but it hasn’t shown up on the web just yet. I guess no one in Scotland has a scanner. Poofters.

These images represent the first stirrings of the marketing machine for the film, which doesn’t come out until July of 2007. Poor Warner Bros – that’s a long time until their next guaranteed smash hit after the shitty 2006 they’ve been having. I imagine that we should expect a teaser trailer of some sort around the holiday season. At this point, though, all I care about is the seventh book in the series, which I wish JK Rowling would hurry up with already.