, Maggie Q is attractive huh?

I’m not typically prone to pants rending descriptions of luscious ladies who posit themselves before us in the projected image but here’s an actress fully capable of sending blood conviniently from one area of a fellow’s body to another one altogether.

Perhaps it’s the blend of East and West in her appearance or perhaps it’s the fact she’s female and has a pulse. It’s the web after all…

Enough of that shit, she’s signed to play a hacker who disagrees with Bruce Willis’ John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth film in the series that lost a little lustre with each installment but not enough to make it a joke. Yet. That title is pushing it.

Justin Long, fresh off of Apple pimping success and being ogled by Bryan Singer also stars and I wouldn’t be surprised the gelatinous cube known as Bonnie Bedelia makes her presence known. I mean, that’s another $12 in box office revenue that cannot be forgotten.

Len (Underworld) Wiseman is directing so you know it’ll look good and I think he’s put away the blue filters for the time being, which also helps.

I have nothing else to say other than to enjoy that picture. A lot.