Not a whole lot to say about this teaser for the highly anticipated second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones (which begins airing this April). We get a montage of all our living characters, and a quick look at Stephen Dillane (third shot from the beginning), who plays one of the most pivotal new additions to the series, Stannis, younger brother of dead King Robert Baratheon. That is Stannis’ voice we hear in the teaser, and that voice over is the closest thing that viewers who haven’t read George RR Martin’s books will get here, as far as information goes. To add some context to Stannis’s VO for those who don’t remember the few passing remakes made about him in Season 1 — Stannis shares the late Ned Stark’s opinion that he, Stannis, is rightful heir to the throne, given that Joffrey is an incest baby. But Stannis isn’t very likable; this is an issue he gets a real bug up his butt about. I’m expecting big things from Dillane, given some of the bigger names he beat out for the juicy role. At this point, I trust the casting decisions the powers that be on Thrones make.