You know your neighborhood is going to hell when Adam Sandler is filming his new movie there. That’s what happened last week when Sandler showed up at the firehouse down the block from me to film scenes for his new movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. He also shot scenes at a local bar called Soda Bar, an establishment I will go on the record against – it has the worst service I have ever experienced outside of prison, and it seems to specialize in those fruity fucking “inis” – you know these frou frou drinks, the ones that cost your penis, ones with names like appletini or mango-citrus-bananatini or sweet-tasting-shit-because-I-hate-the-taste-of-liquor-because-I-am-a-pussy-tini. And the crowd is mostly the kind of crappy yupsters (young, upwardly mobile hipsters) who have been ruining my ‘hood with their organic food and soy milk.

CHUD reader Drew Almighty also lives in the Brooklyn area – downtown Brooklyn, to be precise, where he saw the film shooting at Borough Hall*. Here’s what he says:

I was on set today at the "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" filming at
Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn. Most of the cast was around, I met almost
everyone. Included is a pic [below!] of Sandler outside the courthouse. They were filming
a protest scene with all kinds of crazy signs.

Blake Clark is also part of the cast now. He plays a homeless man.

I’m going to be following the filming as long as it’s in my area. If I catch
up with them, look for more updates.

In the movie Sandler and Kevin James play buddies who get married because one of them loses his insurance. I imagine they were at Borough Hall filming the controversial wedding.

By the way, there’s a message board for the neighborhood I live in – it’s mostly populated with out of town transplants who have come to Brooklyn to get that experience and live diverse lives. They tend to be really afraid of half the local population (psst, when I say that I mean black people) and obsessed with local crime rates. Guess what, you live in New York City – people get mugged! Anyway, they were chatting about this movie filming in the area and a couple of them got mad at the premise, since I guess they thought a major Hollywood star would be making an anti-gay film. People, besides the fact that Alexander Payne (seriously) co-wrote this movie, it’s obvious that this is following a basic sitcom story arc: Chuck and Larry are homophobic he-men who probably think gay marriage is a joke, they get forced into this situation and at the end they have “comedically” faced their own homoerotic impulses while coming to realize that anyone who wants to be married should be allowed to be married. How anyone who has ever seen a movie could think this film would be anything else is beyond me.

*For those who don’t know, New York City is divided into five boroughs – Queens, Brooklyn (really called Kings), Staten Island, the Bronx and Manhattan (actually called New York County). We all share the same mayor, and there is a City Hall located in Manhattan, but each of the boroughs is as big as some other cities, and so they each have a Borough President who presides over borough business, and a Borough Hall.