Odd. When it became clear that Soderbergh wouldn’t be directing the spy flick The Man From U.N.C.L.E. for Warner Brothers, it was (still is) budget issues and the difficulty of finding a lead star that were cited for the projects collapse. Turns out that the project hasn’t collapsed at all, and now WB has turned to one of their contemporary blockbuster darlings Guy Ritichie to take over. Apparently he’s willing to work with a smaller budget or a shittier lead actor? That would be a touch odd, considering he and partnering producer Lionel Wigam are behind WB’s Sherlock Holmes, which has only inflated in budget and scale for its soon-to-be-release sequel. Perhaps Bradley Cooper is still attached and Soderbergh walked more because of the budget than the actor? In any event, I don’t see a ton of people clamoring for this film, so I don’t expect many to be invested in the players involved.

Strange as it is, Soderbergh has already set up an interesting replacement project, and there’s still plenty to develop in regards to how this project might change under Richie’s guidance. Of course now U.N.C.L.E. will be added to the list of “oh, but what if Soderbergh had done it…” movies, which includes even such prestigious entries as Moneyball.

On a related note, I suppose I should just give up any hope of ever seeing another good quirky crime flick like Snatch from Ritchie ever again I suppose?

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