Zwick has a specialty, and that specialty is telling stories about the minority experience through the eyes of the white man. Zwick is drawn to other cultures, and how white people have helped them. Through Zwick we have learned how Matthew Broderick freed Denzel Washington in Glory and how Tom Cruise defended ancient Japanese tradition in The Last Samurai. One time he broke the mold and showed how Denzel Washington saved the Arabs in The Siege. Now Zwick has turned his attention to the brutal aspects of the African diamond trade, and how a white man can save all the black people.

The film is called Blood Diamond, and is sadly not based on a Kanye West song. The international trailer has arrived and it showcases Leonardo DiCaprio’s limited range of accents (while he’s got a decent one in The Departed, his accent here sounds laughable, as it did in Gangs of New York) and Jennifer Connelly’s continued reign of fuckability.

Click here to see the aforementioned international trailer, but be warned – you will be met with the smug face of David Poland when you do so.

Note: This article title was inspired by my good friend Andre Dellamorte when we were talking about The Last King of Scotland, which, while it is about a white guy who hangs out with Africans, is like the polar opposite of "Thank God for White People" movies.