Union, is you is or is you ain’t the lead female in I Am Legend? says you are, but says nay – that the role of Anna, a human survivor Will Smith’s character stumbles upon in a post-apocalyptic vampire world, will actually be played by Alice Braga, niece of Sonia Braga and star of Lower City. I don’t really have any horses in this particular race either way, so I’m just going to step back and let internet misinformation sort itself out.

Blackfilm also claims that Salli Richardson, currently appearing on SciFi Channel’s Eureka, has been cast as Will Smith’s wife, Ginny, who I am pretty sure is a bad guy.  

Meanwhile it’s been confirmed that Johnny Depp has nothing to do with the film, and probably never did. There is one other sort of major character, Ethan, but apparently that role has been cast with an unknown.