’s amazing to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street all these years later after so many sequels and so many horror films either imitating or spoofing Wes Craven’s genre busting (and New Line birthing) phenomenon. It’s still pretty damn effective and creepy despite all the baggage. Released today, this triple dip actually seems worth the effort as the Infinifilm treatment is something that still manages to remind us why DVD is more than just a weekly ritual and addiction for us but an actual way to experience flicks on more than just the superficial level. I was at Barnes & Noble last Tuesday and I got into a somewhat heated discussion with a fellow who still abhors DVD and proclaims laserdisc as all that is good and holy and he pisses on the newer format right as he was buying $350 worth of new releases on DVD. As good as laser was and though there are some headaches with today’s format, DVD has changed film on a level I don’t think any other ancillary format has, though some would argue that theatrical is the ancillary format now. So, you balding videophiles, chill out!

So, here’s a contest. First off, check out this cool new thing that the folks at New Line are doing (wouldn’t it be cool if New Line made a giant shark film for summer of 2008?):

YOUR NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE Greatest Hits Trailer Contest

In celebration of the 9/26 DVD re-release of the first Nightmare On Elm Street, New Line invites you to create your own trailer and share your nightmare with the world. Using the clips provided, splice together your own greatest hits trailer (up to 2 min). 1 grand prize winner will receive $500, a collection of horror DVDs, and their trailer featured on the official site. Put on your razor glove and start cutting!

Contest ends on Halloween!

Get all the details here:

But wait, there’s more!

I have a stack of these lovely DVD’s (who who could ever have enough DVDs about molestors with finger-knives?) for lucky Chewers with moxie and the spirit to grow. How to win? That’s easy.

Using the email link below (if it doesn’t create the subject line NIGHTMARE write an email with the subject NIGHTMARE or it will be banished) tell me the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had. If it involves souble anal with your grandfather, please send me the SECOND scariest nightmare you’ve ever had. I promise I won’t use it in a script unless I already had that idea and then I’LL SEE YOU IN COURT!

Freak my shit out. I am used to hating life now that college football is everywhere when all I want to see is baseball!