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Mitch to the right.


How does it feel to know you’re the reason for the mass exodus from CHUD? You could write an article about it! Maybe you should heed some advice and not be such a prick in the future. Your bitter fat-man schtick has grown very, very old.

Nick deserves better than you as a friend.

Nick: Whoa. First of all, I didn’t know there was a mass exodus, though some of the old timers HAVE left the message boards because of a lot of things that aren’t Devin. I’m glad you copied me on this email because it’s really incorrect. That said, I think Devin has calmed down a bit. He stopped sacrificing Christians, that’s a start!

The Whiners? Fucked. (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


The ads don’t bother me. I have been coming to the site for many years, and like the rest of the internet, there’s ads.

F the whiners.

I will try to add more to site-related discussion on the boards, but I haven’t been posting much lately. Seems stagnant. Too few people, too few posts, too many threads about Snakes on a Plane.

Anyway, I hope you have a new podcast up and I’m still waiting for the re-vamped Prognosticator.

Nick: New podcasts are all over town and I think October will yield Prognosticators. We’re a little short staffed these days and I hope we’re solved by then. As for the ads, THANK YOU! At the end of the day, they are a minor headache for a free site.

Devin Love #47,094 (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


Loose Brains...
Well done.

Nick: See, people like Devin!

Holy Sucklings! (SEND A LETTER)

Mitch to the right.Eddiebaby:

re your info page on the painted veil

please update with the following:

stars: naomi watts, edward norton (note: you say the 1934 film stars greta garbo and herbert marshall)

release date: december 15, 2006 (please refer to the warner independent pictures website)


please replace yours – a doctor’s (edward norton) story with either 1 of the 3 below, all correctly describe the film as the story of kitty fane (naomi watts) following the same name novel by w somerset maugham upon which the film is based and in which kitty fane was on every page. her husband walter died 2/3 into the book.

1. A woman becomes dissatisfied with her marriage, as her husband favors of his research over time with her. An affair leads her on a journey of self-discovery, and her new dedication to fighting cholera brings her to the Far East.

2. A drama set in London in 1922 about a restless married woman Kitty Fane (Naomi Watts) who, after cheating on her conservative scientist husband Walter (Edward Norton) with a local playboy (Liev Schreiber), embarks on a journey to the Far East to battle cholera. The journey becomes an odyssey of self-discovery.

3. This story tells the recovery journey of a shallow, young adulterous British woman (Naomi Watts) whose intellectual bacteriologist husband (Edward Norton), on finding out her unfaithful act, takes her to a remote area of China ravaged by a cholera epidemic, where their perils in battling the health crisis leads finally to the death of her husband and the beginning of her spiritual awakening to the true meaning of love and life.

please do not slight oscar-nominee naomi watts again.


Nick: I hope a Druid takes you away.

Paul Knees Yaks. (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.

Life’s Adventure:

as a devoted palahniuk fan, i must say that i just couldn’t get into haunted, i’ve never tried so hard to finish something when i really didn’t want to. i think his work is starting to become a little overstuffed and convoluted. his last masterpeice was choke, and his next, lullaby, was pretty good. but diary and haunted just felt kind of detatched and ordinary. shocking yes, but not that compelling. please do yourself a favor and read survivor. it is definately the fan favorite. it’s an easy, exciting read full of insight and cynicism reguarding the state of organized religion and the mass media, but be warned, even if you think you’ve figured it out, it’ll take a few reads before the real twists pop out. it’s pure genious. invisible monsters is another great one. his style was never more apparent than in his first four; fight club, survivor, invisible monsters and choke. spiral out.

Nick: I’m a bit Palahniuk’d out myself. It’s going to take a really interesting change of pace for me to follow him again.

Skeet Ulrich + Podcast = Geyser (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


I’ve recently acquired a desk job, which is where I listen to the CHUD podcast, which incidentally, is a skeet-geyser of funny.

Nick: That pleases me.

X-BOX LIVE. (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


Just thought I’d shoot you an email to say that yes, I am listening to the podcast. I can’t get enough of those… and the puns.

Oh, I tried to send you a friend request on xbox live, but your friends list was full. Rats.

Nick: That’s fucked. I have recently gotten really into playing Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on LIVE quite a bit and HALO 2 as well. I might go through and cleanse to make room for swell chaps like you. I ain’t getting rid of Voodoo Cracker though.

Must Be an IMDB Message Board Export… (SEND A LETTER)

Mitch to the right.Ryan:

hi my name is ryan I love hot wheels acceleracers do you have the dvd ice realm.

Nick: Hi Ryan I am Theo I eat Zoids do you stop fucking dentist!

The Love (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


I have been reading your site for about three years and dig it!

I think that it was the Equilibrium love that sealed the deal but then again there was the atrocious Ultraviolet (oh kurt why..)

I really like it when two or three of you do reviews of more anticipated movies because that’s the whole deal with this site, personal opinion mixed with observation. Any chance we will see more?

I won’t complain about the message boards because that is mostly not about you guys and about a lot of other folks. I really wish there was a stronger sense of inviting community other than what I have experienced.

The X-Men reviews were pretty informative because I mostly side with Devin (about 80% of the time.) However, I think it is interesting that the movies try, maybe not in this instance succeed, but try to make the narrative it’s own. Killing certain characters and rendering others powerless where interesting and provocative things to do. I also think that the guy they chose as Angel is a pretty good choice.

Here is a question, when do you think the backlash against all of the comic book (ie-semi-escapist nostalgia) stuff is going to come? I am not too fluent with the trends of the film world but isn’t that the way that people are?

Also, I am a big horror movie fan do you have any you could recommend I have seen most of the big ones but not a lot of the little goodies like The thing (carpetnter’s)

Keep up the good work!

Nick: In a perfect world there’d be official Devin reviews and Tag Team Reviews to accompany them. It’s a shame we’re lazy shits.

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