only we had the savvy and networking prowess of Latino Review. Sadly, we are lame and don’t play well with others. Seriously, we’re lame. You should see Kelvin and his associates at Comic Con, they’re like ninjas except instead of shuriken they’re tossing business cards. We’re following Kenny Baker around with cameras. Pick your poison, I guess.

Those crazy Spaniards got themselves a juicy exclusive in the form of a trailer/promo reel for the upcoming New Line flick Shoot Em’ Up. It’s apparently a really crazy and kinetic action thriller with Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti dishing out buckets upon buckets of lead under the direction of Michael Davis.

It looks fun and it has Monica Bellucci, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. Plus, Clive Owen protects a baby and who doesn’t love action flicks where toddlers are protected. I’m talking about you, Hard Boiled!

Plus it’s produced by Don Murphy (Susan Montford & Rick Benattar too!), a guy this site has a fun and rollercoaster type of romance with. It looks fun, check out the link and discover for yourself.

Check this noise out!