if God and the Devil came to Earth and wooed a woman? That’s the premise of God, the Devil and Lucy, wherein Yaweh and Lucifer get tired of duking it out for human souls and decide that whoever can land Lucy will be declared the winner. The only rule is that they have to incarnate as humans and can’t use any super powers.

This whole concept is theologically distressing on just about every single level, and I say that as an agnostic. I guess that the idea is a cute way to explore the idea that women always fall for the bad boy, but the fact is that God is omnipotent and would know the outcome of this whole thing before getting into it, which is already rendering the whole film redundant. And that’s just for starters.

New Line has picked up the pitch from David Hubbard. In the next few days Muslims will riot because Allah is not included in the movie. When the film is released they will riot again because Allah was written into the film, but it’s forbidden to depict him.