when you thought your expectations for Death Sentence, the new Kevin Bacon starring film directed by Saw “mastermind” James Wan, couldn’t get any lower, they go and cast Aisha Tyler as a 50-year old man.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Brian Garfield, the guy who wrote the mostly identical Death Wish. This time Bacon plays a dad whose family is attacked in a gang initiation ritual and he seeks revenge. In the original book Tyler’s character is a cop who helps Bacon despite thinking he may have committed murder – the gender and age change is an obvious grab for a love interest for Bacon’s character. It’s like a classic example of Hollywoodizing what is already a pretty mainstream and pulpy story. I wonder if Kevin Bacon is having flashbacks to The Big Picture right now.

I would summon up more outrage, but this is a Death Wish clone directed James Wan. Bemusment is all I can get.