"Some dumb shit's happening here." "Some dumb shit's happening here."

There’s an entire section of this site’s readership and the world in general who find the latest Transformers film to be the best in the series and some fine example of action filmmaking of the highest order. I like to call those people LOONIES. The movie didn’t have the backwards-assed sense of action geography of the second horror show but it was still madness shot at a screen.

My Movie Microscope of Part Three. My Movie Microscope of Part Two.

Then again, being the best Transformers movie is a lot like being the best drowned kid at the lake.

I enjoyed the first film but it was as flawed as a diamond mined by Jeff Healy. The series got bigger, louder, dumbed, and more successful from there so it’s no great surprise to hear that more is on the way. What is surprising is that Michael Bay is still the man in charge (per The Vulture). While he’s now shed the baggage of Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf (and his awful parental subplot), it’s not like Bay has anything more to prove. In fact, with his chops and power it seems we need to have Bay elsewhere doing other big ambitious things that stretch technology and intellect. I joke, but I love having Michael Bay out there. I want him out there. I want to see where his batshit brilliance next surfaces.

Well, apparently next is his “passion project” Pain and Gain. Murderous bodybuilders! After that it’s more robots with beards.

Hopefully after that we’ll see him go big or go home. We want him on that wall, we need him on that wall. We just don’t need him doing any more Transformers movies.