is again ahead of the curve. Back in June I sat down with director Nick Jarecki to talk about his fascinating film portrait of director James Toback, The Outsider. In that interview, Nick spilled the beans on his next project:

Q: You have the book and the documentary. Do you have another project lined up?

Jarecki: In the fall I’m going to direct a new film called The Informers, which I’ve written with Bret Easton Ellis, based on his best-selling book of the same name. We wrote this very crazy, multi-character, Short Cuts/Boogie Nights type movie that takes place in 1983 in Los Angeles and is about a rock star and a movie studio president and his wife and his mistress and a vampire and a kidnapper.

Now it’s official – Senator Entertainment has optioned Ellis’ book, and Jarecki and Ellis are working on the script. Obviously Nick had hoped to start filming in 06, but the schedule has been moved back to the spring.

There’s no word on whether Snow will be available to do the soundtrack.