That’s how NOT to wear your bangs. Of course it works for our edgy, spunky, and mysterious heroine in David Fincher’s upcoming The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I’ve not read one page of the books nor have I seen the original films (though I will by the time this hits theaters later this month). It’s the biggest movie left this year. It may not be the most commercial, but it’s the biggest. Fincher. Daniel Craig. Julian Sands. Wattage.

Seriously, this is a flick that has so much wattage that it doesn’t even matter what one’s opinion is of the Stieg Larsson book is.

Then again, they’re massively popular so it’s a win win.

The infamous and exciting eight minute clip is waiting on iTunes for you to peruse right now, so if you haven’t watched it yet now is the time.