I am prejudiced against Danny Elfman.

OK, that’s too nice. I’m tired of Danny Elfman. Though he’s a supremely gifted individual, his scores (primarily within the works of Mr. Tim Burton) no longer are able to get my juices flowing. Now, The Hunger Games is by no stretch of the imagination a Tim Burton movie but it still is a movie and there’s always the feeling that the composer will deliver a score that showcases a lot of the signatures he’s known for. IE: What I’m tired of.

Elfman’s a busy dude, what with Men in Black III and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Yay.

So, as The Hunger Games is poised to be the next huge tween theater thing people are going to have to settle for James Newton Howard.

Like it matters. It could be a score made up of astronauts making lunch and the movie’s a lock for a nine digital theatrical run.


Source: Variety