don’t run a lot of links to other sites when they get photos from films. I don’t find that too interesting, honestly, and when we score exclusives – unless they’re really early – I don’t send the link around to other sites. But I am running this link because it is an excuse to talk about a movie I saw tonight, The Departed.

Jakob from, a nice enough site whose purpose I do not understand in the least, has scored new pics from The Departed, like this one of Leo DiCaprio getting into a bar fight. Let me say that this bar fight is a great scene in a great movie – The Departed is based (closely) on the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, but Scorsese makes it his own. The Departed is a movie in the same vein as Goodfellas, and it’s got a stellar cast doing amazing work. But most of all it feels like a good old-fashioned Scorsese movie. I am a bona fide Scorsese apologist, but I know that some people haven’t been so pleased with some of Marty’s films the last few years. This movie will shut them up. It’s a solid crime thriller with a lot of depth – it’s mainstream AND it’s awards-worthy.

Look for more coverage of The Departed soon, since I’m going to the press junket tomorrow. I never do this, but I will be bringing my Criterion copy of The Last Temptation of Christ (the only thing in the world that makes me even consider being religious) and try to get the greatest living director to sign it for me.

For more pictures, click here.