Rock’s latest filmic effort arrives on screens today, Gridiron Gang, the true story of Sean Porter, a guy who inspired urban toughs to put away their nines and replace them with footballs and created a successful program to send young people on their way towards happier lives. For some it stuck [one became an NFL player, not Terrell Owens] and for a few it was a brief respite before the Reaper made his rounds. Directed by the man who brought us the wonderful Three O’Clock High and Heaven’s Prisoners, the film is an inspirational crowd pleasing affair that should help strengthen the action hero’s standing with a wider audience. The Rock is good in the film too, as is the legendary Leon Rippy. It’s not my type of film, but The Rock is a classy gent and someone whose work is always worth following.

I spoke with him as he did the press rounds here in Atlanta. It was a roundtable, something which typically removes any momentum or depth from a discussion (Devin had a similar issue in NYC), but I have found a few choice vignettes to share from that Monday morning and here they are.

Gridiron Gang is playing all across the land as you reas this.

Clip One – The Rock on the message of The Gridiron Gang.

Clip Two – The Rock on being the veteran in the cast.

Clip Three – The Rock on playing a real person.

Clip Four – The Rock on being in a sports flick.

Clip Five – The Rock on his many rumored projects.