No my title is not a typo. After the news of Benicio Del Toro being cast in Star Trek 2 3D, we’re getting news that Robocop himself, Peter Weller has joined the cast.

I’m really loving this. Peter Weller is a gent who has been doing tv and DTV work pretty steadily, but, like the great William Fichtner, needs more exposure, and why not in what is one of the most anticipated sequels in the past few years? It’s also a welcome return to Sci-fi for him. Buckaroo Banzai, Of Unknown Origin (see this!), Robocop. He was criminally underused in season 5 of Dexter, but it’s always great to see him in something. Plus he’s already got Star Trek cred, having been in a 2 parter on Enterprise.

I’m glad to see Peter Weller working in a big commercial blockbuster. Now they just need to throw Michael Keaton and William Fichtner in there, and I’ll have a joygasm. Why not have Richard Brake as a Klingon as well?

Source: The Wrap