Yep, of course Fassbender would be great but CANWEJUSTGETTHEMOVIEGOINGALREADY?

The title kind of speaks for itself on this one… Previous reporting that Christian Bale was circling Aronofsky’s large-scale Noah project as it lined up financing are now moot: the actor has dedicated too much of his schedule to Malick films next year to participate.

I’m always a little grumbly about reporting on “in talks” actors in the first place, and now that the original “in talks” actor for this project has fizzled out it seems even sillier to report that Fassbender has been “discussing” the role with Aronofsky, who is “targeting” the actor. This is according to Variety, who acknolwedge that there isn’t even a formal offer, much less a contract. For all we know Fassbender could just be advising Aronofsky about the part in cozy study sessions without any intention of taking a role. That said, Fassbender is at a point where he could absolutely be a choice that would please both the director and the studios involved, so it makes enough sense. And quite naturally, I’d love to see these two work together.

Regardless of who lands the lead though, I’m just eager to be able to report that this project is officially greenlit and on its way. It’s likely that a high-profile star will have to be secured before all the money gets in place, but I’d have as much interest in the project if Aronofsky casted your uncle as I would if he casts a big name.

May the pieces fall into place before an actual flood takes out the entire Earth.

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