It wasn’t quite as immediately easy to picture Daniel Day Lewis looking like Abraham Lincoln as it had been with Liam Neeson for years and years, and yet there he quietly sits, a spitting image of most any penny! Just wait till we get to see him in costume…

DDL’s method acting process has become something of a myth, so it’s no surprise to hear the (quite probably exaggerated) rumors that he’s not let up with his high-pitched Lincoln accent since early this year. Whether it’s true or not, clealry the actor is more than prepared to hit Steven Spielberg’s set and start emancipatin’.

Shooting is imminent, and the film is set for post-election 2012. It features an unbelievable cast, including the following:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tommy Lee Jones
James Spader
Sally Field
Jackie Earle Haley
Michael Stuhlbarg
John Hawkes
Robert Latham
David Strathairn
Walton Goggins
Tim Blake Nelson


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