’re just a few weeks from the return of Battlestar Galactica for its third season, and anticipation is high. Finally, I’ll have an almost reasonable excuse for being home on Friday nights! In the next few weeks we’ll be having some continuing coverage of the run-up to the premiere, including an exclusive interview with Ron Moore, the man behind the show, which I’m setting up this week. And of course the Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance webisodes continue to appear twice a week on These internet tie-ins are usually nice enough but secondary to the main product – The Resistance looks to be like a legitimate chapter in the BSG story, featuring real main characters.

In case you aren’t excited enough, the trailer for season 3 is on the web, and we have it here for you. The hardcore BSG nerds have seen this, but if you haven’t I think you’ll be excited at the general mood of this trailer – dark and difficult. It looks like life under the occupation is even tougher than we might have imagined, and it also looks like some of our favorite characters are making incredible choices. This storyline promises to shake up the show’s status quo, even long after its over (supposedly the occupation lasts about five episodes of the season).

Click here to watch the trailer.