Last year The Munsters seemed to be on track to resurface on contemporary television as a new show from Pushing Daises creator Bryan Fuller, with talent like Guillermo Del Toro circling the project. As often happens though, executives changed and studio power shifted so now the show has gone through a full redevelopment- it’s still Fuller’s project but he’s recast it as a “visually striking” one-hour drama. He’s also landed his big-name talent to handle the pilot, and he’s ringing in another Bryan… one, Mr. Singer.

I’m  not going to leap on the “drama” thing, as that descriptor in a second-hand report doesn’t mean anything, but considering the original point of reference was “Modern Family meets True Blood,” it’s clear I’m not equipped to predict what the hell they’re doing here. It’s all very weird to me, since I only watched the original show in marathons as a very young kid, so translating those characters through a modern prism is tough. Best of luck to both Bryans though.

The deal should push forward and production should start soon, so keep an eye out if you’re on board with this.

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Source : Deadline