It’s been a while since we debuted any promotional stuff for 11 Colonels ATTACK! (see a 2 minute tease from the 11 minute pitch reel here), the movie we’re trying to attain funding for. We’ve had good feedback, some rejection, and at the end of the day further reinforcement that we’ve got something unique and special on our hands but as of yet we haven’t begun to shoot the actual flick. That said, our director Andrew Sweeney ventured to Los Angeles last week to do some rehearsing and tests. One of the things that emerged is this little video clip of Compost Larry, one of the central characters in the film, a homeless gentleman played by the lovely and electric Josh Phillips. The following clip isn’t indicative of the film’s look or style but it’s a fun little vignette featuring our sandwich board clad oddball. Thanks to Andrew, Iain, Jordan, and Josh. Enjoy!