other day I was going to link to Superhero Hype’s new pictures from the set of Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, but they suddenly disappeared. Now they’ve shown up on Aint It Cool News, and I’m curious how long until Fox asks for them to get yanked from there, which is all I can assume happened to SHH.

The pictures are of the new model Ben Grimm, a slightly redesigned Thing outfit with a better color, eyebrow ridges and a more modern rock pattern. Essentially this Thing is the Thing current comic book readers know, not the melty lava rock man in the first film, who was reminiscent of Jack Kirby’s earliest Thing designs. I like this new look a lot, and I hope that it solves some of the problems that Michael Chiklis had with the last suit – at the very least so that he won’t bitch about it so much while doing press when the film is released.

Of course the big images we’re all waiting for are the FantastiCar and the Silver Surfer (and possibly Galactus). We probably won’t see the Surfer for some time, and when we do it’ll likely be a “concept” image. I imagine the Surfer in motion will not be seen until sometime next year, when the full FF:ROTSS trailer hits.

There are more pictures over at Aint It Cool. None of them answer my question, though: Did Yancy Street move from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn? Why the heck is Ben Grimm wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers jacket?