’m willing to bet that David Slade never had an awkward silence in his life. The guy can TALK, and talk he does on the new video “webisodes” about the pre-production of his Vampire$ vs Northern Exposure film, 30 Days of Night.

Slade is, of course, the director of kiddie rape/revenge picture Hard Candy. His new film is based on the comic book of the same name, about a group of vampires who realize that the tundra is the place for them, where the sun doesn’t show for months at a time. The concept is great; the comic book less so, which is why I’m glad that the movie is sort of going its own way.

There’s a bunch of “webisodes” up right now, all at Coming Soon’s Ghost House Pictures site. Click here to watch the first one and wonder why they gave the camera to a guy with Parkinson’s and why he couldn’t just place it on the fucking table.