So it seems Columbia is hell-bent on doing a fourth Spider-Man film, penciling in a release date of May 2011. I don’t know … do we really need another film? Especially when reaction to the third was so divided?

Overall, fourth films in any series are usually desperate attempts to cash in on the nostalgia for glory days that are long past. Look at all the examples.

“Lethal Weapon 4”
“Live Free or Die Hard”
“Alien Resurrection”
“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

Was any one of those films I just mentioned really worthwhile? And they all followed third chapters that were perfectly good finishes to their respective franchises.

I think Marvel should focus now on making the “Iron Man” and “Incredible Hulk” franchises the best they can be. I know they’re probably trying to position themselves to have product to put out in years to come, but I think Spidey has had his day. Find another character to launch onto the silver screen.

Hell, why not give J. Jonah Jameson his own movie franchise? I’d pay to see that.