is televising the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, a horror award show decided by the fans. Which is cool, right? Sure, except when one of the awards should be decided by a mathematician and not a fan vote. That award is up for a fan vote, though, and that means fans who can actually count must get active (ie, click on a link) and vote for the real winner – which in this case is Slither.

The category is Highest Body Count, and I’ll let Slither’s head slug, James Gunn, explain to you why his movie should be the hands down winner in this category:

I spent some time this week watching all of the movies in the HIGHEST BODY COUNT category and actually COUNTING the number of human deaths on screen.  (And by "I", I mean my assistant, Lynn, who doesn’t really even like horror movies.)  I didn’t think it would be fair to campaign in this category if SLiTHER didn’t actually have the largest amount of deaths on screen.

So Lynn and I counted the deaths in these films.

Lynn started with KING KONG, which only had 25 deaths.  Cool.  I was pretty sure we had that beat.

Then she watched FINAL DESTINATION 3, which had a total of 30 deaths (15 of these were in the imaginations of the characters, and we DID count them).

Again, it seems like SLiTHER had it in the bag.

I myself went to see SNAKES ON A PLANE in a theater, since I hadn’t seen it yet.  It was a little more difficult counting the bodies since I didn’t have pause, slow-mo, or rewind.  But there were about 29 deaths.


Then Lynn watched DOOM.  She came into my office and told me there were 91 deaths in DOOM.

Ow.  Wow.  Now, that was worrisome.  Finally, a worthy fucking competitor in the category.  We were both afraid.  I wasn’t sure exactly how many people were killed in SLiTHER, and there was a chance we were going to lose it. (NOTE: this was the unrated DVD of DOOM, not the theatrical version – the R-rated version might have a smaller death toll).

So we watched SLiTHER. 

There were 104 deaths. 

SLiTHER has a single shot near the end of the film where over 30 people die, beating 3 of the other 4 contestants in ONE SHOT!  Also, the 104 total is NOT counting zombies, who are essentially dead people.  If you count the zombies, the death total would rise to 176!

In the end, the final tally of human deaths:

KING KONG – 25 Deaths



DOOM – 91 Deaths

SLiTHER – 104 Deaths (including zombies: 176)

So be sure especially to vote for SLiTHER in this HIGHEST BODY COUNT category!

The facts are undeniable. Click here to vote in the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards – and vote for Slither in every one of the four categories where it’s nominated. Why it’s not nominated for Best Film is beyond me…

The Chainsaw Awards will be on October 15th. You have until the 13th to vote, and you even get the chance to vote on a bunch of lame musical acts that seem to have nothing to do with horror movies!

Again, click here to vote in the Chainsaw Awards – and vote for Slither!