What is this? It’s ThanksGrabbing, our little smorgasbord of holiday Graboid goodness: 29 Graboids for your guessing pleasure in between trips to the table and football.

Guess the Graboids in our handy Graboid Thread or in the comments below. The only rule: guess as much you want, but ONLY ONE GUESS PER POST. Other than that…feel free to go crazy. And stay tuned for Armagrabbon 2011 on Christmas Day.

And from us here at CHUD to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving.

The Answers:

1 The Muppet Movie Hammerhead
2 Harry Potterā€¦Azkaban Jexxon
3 Vanishing Point Manny Fraker
4 The Great Dictator Jexxon
5 Metropolis Hammerhead
6 The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox Jexxon
7 Ishtar Jexxon
8 An American In Paris Jexxon
9 Gigi Jexxon
10 Convoy Manny Fraker
11 Who’s Harry Crumb? Manny Fraker
12 Fluke Manny Fraker
13 Ultraviolet Hammerhead
14 Neighbors sampanaflex
15 Sugarland Express Jexxon
16 Sunset Boulevard Manny Fraker
17 The Birds (Trailer) Manny Fraker
18 The Dirty Dozen Manny Fraker
19 Wrestlemania VI CrossFire
20 Cool As Ice None
21 The Shootist None
22 Forever Young None
23 Pure Country CrossFire
24 Night Hawks sampanaflex
25 American Beauty CrossFire
26 Unforgiven Manny Fraker
27 Igby Goes Down Manny Fraker
28 Bloodsport None
29 Lone Wolf McQuade Jexxon