post-Casino Royale James Bond movie was set to open opposite Jon Favreau’s Iron Man in 2008, but now 007 has blinked, and moved way back to November. Way to beat ‘em, Jonny!

Actually, I’m sure that Iron Man has nothing to do with it (but I bet Favs is breathing a sigh of relief this morning) – the Bond producers are still looking for a director for the next installment, after potential director Roger Michell backed out. Anyway, a May 2008 release would have been 18 months between Bonds as opposed to the usual 2 years, and six months can make a huge difference on a big picture like this. Whatever it ends up being about (does anyone care what Bond films are actually about, anyway?)

Meanwhile, in other Bond news, there’s a little brouhaha coming out of Infamous, this year’s movie about Truman Capote writing In Cold Blood (it’s like if the Lord of the Rings trilogy was the same movie coming out every December!), after Toby Jones – the Paul Williams looking mother who plays Capote in this one – talked about making out with Daniel Craig in the movie.

I saw Infamous this week, and yes, there is making out between James Bond and Truman Capote and yes, it is hilarious. It’s interesting that Infamous makes literal what Capote kept subtextual and unconsumated, but I don’t know enough of the truth to say if this kiss ever really happened. Regardless, it’s just funny to watch. I wonder what the Bond people are thinking – Infamous and Casino Royale are coming out at similar times, and the gay kiss that made Blofeld jealous will certainly be on people’s minds. That’s what you get when you hire a real actor to play your action hero!