’s this new indie movie opening this weekend that I wanted to hate, because it’s all about Williamsburg hipsters, but I ended up really liking. The film is called Mutual Appreciation, and one of the reasons I dug the movie was the star, an actor/musician named Justin Rice. He’s funny and loose onscreen, and felt very real, even when being kind of a dick.

Then today I get an email telling me about this new film Rice is in – where he stars with Zach Galligan! Yes, Gremlins star Zach Galligan, who could totally pass for Rice’s older brother, I think. The film is an indie that’ll be shooting on the streets of New York City called Let Them Chirp Awhile. It’s being shot in 35mm black and white using vintage lenses and filters – the filmmakers are shooting for that “Old Hollywood” look. They’re also comparing the look to Woody Allen’s Manhattan, which is an audacious comparison to make, since I think Manhattan is one of the best looking movies ever made.

The movie, which is being described as a tragi-comedy, also stars WB babes Laura Breckinridge and Pepper Binkley. Is Pepper Binkley a real name? That sounds like she should be friends with Betty and Veronica, and maybe get her own sassy spin-off comic. I am in love with her already, and I haven’t even seen a picture.

Let Them Chirp Awhile is the feature debut from a good local boy named Jonathan Blitstein.