The release of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol approaches and it’s fair to say the buzz is… mildly buzzy? This is the kind of film that most will see as long as there’s not another Limp Bizkit song in earshot, and I know many of us have our finger crossed that Brad Bird knocked it out of the park and will be well rewarded. We’ll see! As it is, there’s less than a month till we can cram into IMAX theaters (a 70mm theater with the Batman prologue if you’re lucky) and see what’s what.

I will say that I found myself oddly energized by this group of a dozen+ high-res photos released today, so I figured I’d share them with you. As it has been with the trailers so far, there’s little here that is exceptionally new-looking aside from the Burj Khalifa stunts, but something about the photos makes me eager to see the film. I think it’s just the promise of a nice modern spy flick amidst the heavier and more melodramatic tones of the season. I look and see guns! servers with colorful cables! running! bad guys with steel suitcases! hacking! dramatic cellphone usage! tall buildings! …and think, “Yeah, I can have fun with that.”

Frankly, I’m really thinking “dessert” to Tinker, Tailor‘s hearty meal a week earlier.

Either way, take a look at the photos (via Collider), and also enjoy a few behind-the-scenes set pics in which Bird directs! for the camera…

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