from Nick: I’ve made this as easy as can be. I’m going to mail the passes. I’m not giving you any trivia or instructions to deal with. All I have asked for is your address and that you use the links below. Why? Because those links below create a subject line that makes it easy to filter these emails out so I can mail passes. But maybe and I mean MAYBE 15% of you have used those links, so what I get is blank emails or emails that say "Hey Nick" or Movie Passes" or "Craven", which really threw me off. Use the links or I am not sending a pass. Bottom line. Also, if one person sends like 5 emails with their friends’ names on each different one to gobble up a stack of passes, you aren’t getting them either. This is the last straw. I make it easy, I do the work, and it’s free (for you, not me). Show a little decency, eh?

Was anyone else surprised to see Renny Harlin’s name on this film? I mean anyone who wasn’t Dave Davis, as he went on set and all…

I was also surprised to see how many effects there were in the trailer for this movie, something that both excites the primal side of me but also raises the question in my tiny head "what about subtlety?". Then I remembered that this is a fun movie, a The Lost Boys by way of The Craft with a little of The Skulls tossed in for good measure. I expect every film to be Evilspeak and that is why I fail. This sounds like fun, so screw my typical pessimism. This looks fun! Go, The Covenant!

I’m a sucker for when cars dismantle.

Want to see this fella earlier than the people over at Use the appropriate link below and I just might be shoving a pass in the mail. You mailing address is imperative as I failed ESP for the 34th straight year.

By the way, I’d love to see the readers in some of the smaller cities represent. It’s rare I get to send you passes, so let’s do it right this time.