’s Labyrinth makes us feel warm all over, that’s a fact. I believe Devin is seeing Guillermo del Toro’s flick this week and he’ll either be one of the initiated lovers of the movie or he’ll be the worst person in the world. Unless you already think he’s the worst thing in the world. Then he’ll be like your worst nightmare come to hairy, vivid life. I saw his prom photo yesterday and trust me, it’s scarier than you imagine.

Anyway, the great Spanish language film…

Some of you may feel that my review of the movie was too biased so why not take a peek at this review or even this one? I don’t want to over hype this thing but in a year of many disappointments it’s nice to have a lock. As more people see Pan’s Labyrinth, it’ll both piss you off because December is so far away and give you something to look forward to besides Drakkar Noir.

If you’re looking for more reason to be excited about this film, tune in to this site at 12:00am on Friday for an exclusive… something great.

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