As we get closer to the ultra-lame limited theatrical release of John Gulager’s Feast, a trailer has hit the web, and it’s gooey, gory and good. You probably remember that this is the film that was made on the last season of Project Greenlight and has been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years (although apparently they went back for five days of reshoots earlier this year, and if the trailer is correct, those days were spent making the movie into more of a Hills Have Eyes type thing), and that it will be playing at midnight shows on September 22 and 23 before hitting DVD on October 13th.

I didn’t want to once again harp on how silly Dimension is for hiding this thing for so long and giving it such a crummy release, but this trailer really cements it for me – Feast looks like a lot of fun. At the very least it looks very commercial. Maybe if it was a remake of a Japanese film they would release it.

At any rate, head over to Fangoria to watch the exclusive internet trailer. Be warned, though: the final moments of the trailer look like they’re giving away what should be a great shock and twist in the film.