if the guys from The State and Wet Hot American Summer took on the Ten Commandments? Wonder no more, as Staters David Wain (directing) and Ken Marino (writing, dipping his balls in it) have come up with their own, shorter version of The DecalogueThe Ten. It’s ten connected sketches, each about one of the commandments.

Daniel Robert Epstein from Suicide Girls visited the Queens, New York set of the film, where he sat down with Wain and chatted about the movie. It’s a great interview, and I think the first question is all that was needed to sell me on this film (as if I needed a reason):

Daniel Robert Epstein: What are you shooting today?

David Wain: Today is one of the stories of the ten and I guess this one’s called Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife. Ken Marino’s character Dr. Richie gets put in prison as a result of something that happened in the story before. He is taken on by Big Buster and then he meets another guy named Duane played by Rob Corrdry in a scene we’re going to shoot in Mexico. It becomes this romantic comedy triangle in prison among these three guys. Then ultimately it’s about who gets ass-raped and when.

One sad note: at San Diego Comic Con, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant said that DVDs of The State would be out this year. David Wain doesn’t seem to think so, saying only that the first season of the show would be available on iTunes this year, which feels like a shitty compromise to me.

To read the whole interview, click here.