exactly happened to Sarah Connor after Terminator 2? She’s already out of the picture by the time 3 rolls around, but apparently she has stories to be told – and they’ll be told on TV.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a TV show spin-off of the Terminator films, was announced last year, but it’s just been greenlit by Fox. They made the move because David Nutter, maybe the most successful pilot director in history (his last 12 pilots have been picked up for series), has been attached to direct the first episode.

Casting is set to begin immediately, so if you’re a buff MILF type, this could be your opportunity to achieve Fox TV stardom. The show will shoot next year in New Mexico.

Before you ask, no, James Cameron isn’t involved in this, although Nutter did direct the pilot of Cameron’s short-lived sci-fi show Dark Angel. Andy Vajna and Mario Kassar’s C2 Pictures, who produced Terminator 3: The Rehashing, are producing the show in tandem with Warner Bros TV.