This week comes flying at you in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes. Including some very special ones.


Everyone loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I don’t give it slobbery kisses before going to sleep with it at night. An ass pinch, maybe. I do appreciate Peter Jackson’s films (Two Towers being my most liked of the bunch), their sense of scope, the clarity in his vision. While the Extended Editions of the films were spectacularly monstrous and well-welcomed in their own right, I’m not sure what type of enjoyment you’re going to receive with these Limited Editions (if you’re on the proverbial fence, check out Nick’s Fellowship LE review here). Other than a Costa Botes documentary that was excised from those bountiful discs, I can’t help but wonder the types of people who’d shell out for them. Purists, maybe. Completists, sure as the eye patch is on Kurt. But, the regular folk, like you and Pipeline? It’s probably best for you to proceed like my self-imposed (should it ever happen) contractual fornication, slowly and with caution.


Ramble on – with:
- On Fellowship, Two Towers, and Return of the King: Disc 1 will present the Special Extended DVD Edition of the film split into two parts (on two sides of a DVD-18) at the break point of the initial DVD release. The Theatrical version will also be split into two parts (on two sides of a DVD-18) available through seamless branching.
- Never-before-seen behind-the-scenes documentary by Costa Botes, the filmmaker director Peter Jackson personally hired (109 minutes, Fellowship of the Ring)
- 86 minute Costa Botes documentary on Two Towers
- 113 minute Costa Botes documentary on Return of the King

ARREST THISThe reason why Arrested Development was great was that allegedly no one watched it. You felt like you were stumbling into your own little comedic golden world. It gave a hearty FU to the scripted pieces of utter trite sitcoms out there and rubbed their noses into Arrested’s fruity smelling laugh crotch. Its pungent aroma allowed for more than its share of excellence, but I don’t need to tell those who found it more than that. For those who didn’t, you missed the boat and the boat was filled with chocolate and a real-life Barbarella. Like the Hanoi Hilton, where she surely slept, the Third Season escapes into the land of the sidebar quip more often than not. It all comes faster and more often than large amounts of Charlie gunfire. Why am I equating Arrested Development to Vietnam? Because, like the war, we the consumer lost. However, we can all be analrapists in the long slog to freedom if we so choose.

Don’t leave your Uncle T-bag hanging! – with:
- All 13 episodes
- Commentary on 3 episodes by creator Mitchell Hurwitz and the Actors
- 19 deleted and extended scenes
- The Last Day on Location featurette
- Blooper reel

SCARE HERWhile the title is a bit too apropos, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death remains firmly on-the-nose, a by product of a little ingenuity and a lot of creepy sequences guaranteed to at least make you stand notice. My friends growing up had to stay up and talk amongst themselves just to chill out, since the movie made our tiny minds run rampant with the lurking possibilities outside. For the uninitiated (and those seeking originality before the upcoming remake sullies it), scaring Jessica to death means that Jessica is released from the Funny Farm and takes refuge with some friends in a creaking New England farmhouse. Visions make way to the encounter with a transient named Emily, who may or may not have drowned on her wedding day … in the 1800’s. Director John D. Hancock allows things to bubble up to the surface before methodically revealing their intentions. That allows for a more realistic portrayal of all things horrific, if indeed, like yourself, it’s all true.

Do you like my new old dress? – with:
- Nothing.

SENTINELI had no desire to see In the Line of Fire 2: The Sentinel, partly because it appeared cookie-cutter formulaic. I think Kiefer Sutherland plays the special agent on the run better in the exemplary 24, anyway. That doesn’t stop S.W.A.T.’s Clark Johnson from directing Michael Douglas in the flawed guy role, where he’s forced to go, as McCartney effortlessly crooned, on the run. The band in question this time is actually the entire United States Secret Service and they don’t seem too happy that a tip has emerged that one of their own is about to ass-ass-in-ate the Prez. Meanwhile, when not under-tipping valets and screaming “Fuck! Be nice!,” Eva Longoria attempts to shed her Desperate persona and “act” like she’s got the gravitas to slap cajones with the driven Sutherland. If none of that phases you, Kim Basinger is the First Lady and it’s 9 ½ weeks all over again, this time with Douglas. Maybe that’ll be of some persuasion if you’re not thinking about aging skin tonguing the hell out of each other.

Holster your weapon! – with:
- Audio commentary with Johnson and Screenwriter George Nolfi
- Alternate ending and deleted scenes with optional commentary by Screenwriter George Nolfi
- 2 featurettes (The Secret Service: Building on a Tradition of Excellence and In the President’s Shadow: Protecting the President)
- Trailers

SPOON!When it was announced, many exhaled and uttered “about damn time.” Yes, it is about that hour for The Tick Vs. Season One, as the cartoon that infiltrated many lives is brought back, semi-properly, into them. You’ll notice, however, that this “Season” is sans one episode (12 instead of 13), missing The Tick vs. The Mole-Men. That’s the self-explained episode where Arthur and The Tick take a group of vacationing Mole-Men on the journey of their lives. You can yell SPOON! if you want against this level of contractual trickery, but word is you’ll never be getting it on DVD. You will receive the rest of the wondrous eps, as highly praised as they are. The writing is top notch. The comedy is wondrous, and the situations rightly so. Just get off your assess and jump right into this. Disappointment will surely tell your Mom a lot of things, but it won’t own your saggy cheeks.

It’s the only jib I got, baby – with:
- 12 episodes from Season 1

MOOLAHNicole Holofcener’s right. Friends with Money don’t share. They do however, live in a cultural vacuum filled with disarray. Oddly enough, it’s like the one friend in her story that doesn’t have any money – Jennifer Aniston. Yes, this is the movie where Aniston wears a maid’s outfit. No, it’s not how you want it to be. Flexing her acting chops (which have been fairly one-dimensional), Aniston tries had to fit in with the other monies (the likes of Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, and Frances McDormand grace these roles), but manages to find the illusive $ fleeing. Holofcener’s previous films, like the simply stunning Lovely & Amazing, have stressed character over all, and I feel that this film is could be no different (or a little, since word has been negatively skewed). She’s interested in those moments, for better or worse, and Friends with Money affords her an interesting look into the nature of relationships and their parables.

Can I… watch?
- Audio commentary with the Filmmakers
- Sundance Film Festival and L.A. Premiere featurettes
- Behind-the-scenes feature
- Trailers

NIP TUCK THISI jumped on the Nip/Tuck bandwagon late, delving into what I saw during Season Three (read Nick’s DVD review). While it may have deviated from the show’s previous hallmarks, the unconventional storylines were still complacently in tact (Q: just how many shows do you find that has a main character falling in love with a transsexual? A: C-SPAN’s Live in Washington). Its motivations were all about the Carver, which if you think for four long seconds, it’s easy to figure out. That wasn’t what interested me during the hardbodied tribulations of Ryan Murphy and his team’s canvas. It was the lively amount of plot lines that eschewed your typical Tuesday night at the boobtube (which I feel that Julian McMahon has a literal one in his house). It was the destruction of the furtive relationships that had been built up with love and shady deals. It was the ridiculously grounded-in-life case sequences that were like a train wreck in the making (your stomach will thank you after a hearty meal … as it’s thrown directly into the poop hole), but yet, somehow, the show remained just as fitting as before. Even if one episode is about a head missing its body.

Pay somebody to pretend to like you – with:
- 15 episodes on six discs
- Severed Parts: unaired scenes
- Chasing the Carver
- The Perfect Look: Set Design

BEEMaking spelling interesting is tougher than nails through Captain Spaulding’s hands. Only one movie I can think of does it befittingly. An accurate portrayal takes tenacity and, as my Grandfather lamented every night around 7 PM, loads of intestinal fortitude. As such, Lawrence “chocolate makes me fat” Fishburne decides to flutter a little girl named Akeelah’s world turning their relationship into a little more than Rocky and Mickey Goldmill. Without the steaks, though. The words emotional and inspiring are filled with the consternation that might arise from you realizing Doug Atchison’s family-friendly Akeelah and the Bee was bankrolled by Starbucks. Additionally, as a bonus for the DVD, they take over your street and each corner of your house with their overpriced delectable treats. But as a message movie, one with positivity exuding from its hoo-hah (another good word would be gluteus maximus), this surely fits some sort of bill.

S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night – with:
- 3 features (Making of Akeelah and the Bee, Two Peas in a Pod, and Inside the Mind of Akeelah)
- Keke Palmer "All My Girlz" music video
- Gag reel
- Some deleted scenes

TERROR MOWI saw Trilogy of Terror on a real cruddy VHS dubbed straight from the 70’s and delivered via Nixon’s cold, dead hand. My impressionable self now focuses immediately on the thing that made it so – that fucking Zuni doll. Featured prominently in the Amelia episode, Karen Black (who originally didn’t want to do this until then-hubby was cast), fights off the oncoming pre-Chucky like weirdness that it possesses. Knifes, body parts, and fragility go the way side, until the semi-shocking ending comes to waft over her with a wind and a prayer. From the spirits, that is. While both Millicent and Therese and Julie both have some silly parts (not aging well wins again!), they don’t quite jar ye old noggin as much as that Zuni doll did. Dan Curtis, whose veteran television status reined across items such as Night Stalker, did well with the seemingly retro Richard Matheson made-for-ABC material, but even better coming across giving young kids nightmares.

I’ll be waiting for you – with:
- Commentary with Karen Black and writer William F. Nolan
- 2 featurettes (Richard Matheson: Terror Scribe and Three Colors Black)

LONESOME JIMFor the life of me I can’t stand using the word quirky. I feel like now it has almost a negative connotation, like “your deformed genitals are quirky” or “Newell sucks and is quirky.” It even puts movies at an unfair (dis)advantage, because biases are put out on the line for moviegoers. I’ve wrestled with myself enough, and I swear to all that is Lambert, I cannot think of a better word of Steve Buscemi’s Lonesome Jim. Maybe otherworldly. I’m not sure that quite fits. In a story that should ring painfully true to some extent to our Message Board contingent, a 27 year old man moves back into his parent’s house and discovers that there’s more to life than meets the eye. Naturally, suicide attempts spring forth from this, but they’re all for naught as Liv Tyler enters his life and nurses him seemingly back to health. The movie itself is very low-maintenance, but that most likely adds to its Buscemi-infused charms.

I’m a fuck-up, but you’re a goddamn tragedy – with:
- Commentary by Buscemi and Writer James C. Strouse
- Making-of featurette
- Trailer

SEDUCED ABANDONEDHere’s yet another Criterion release for the bulk of you to unceremoniously ignore (or have a beer and cheat on it), as Pietro Germi’s Seduced and Abandoned gets all Italian and incredibly foreign on the quivering whites of your … eyes. There are subtitles. That is black & white you see it filmed in. While it shouldn’t ever matter I fear it does, hampering my efforts to broaden maybe one (or two – hi Peter’s Mom!) hooligan and their cinematic worldview. Germi’s film is one of “oops!,” since the lead character impregnates his own fiancée’s sister. Snakes on a Plane, indeed. The father-in-law demands, nay orders from Mt. Olympus that he marry the younger sibling for his transgressions. Does he? Only people from Fontucky really know. Germi balances darkness and comedy well (he also made Divorce, Italian Style), so do you duty and check this out.

Extras include:
- Interviews with actors Stefania Sandrelli and Lando Buzzanca
- Stefania Sandrelli screen test
- Commedia all’Italiana: Germi Style
- Booklet with essay by film scholar Irene Bignardi
- Theatrical trailer

Like a well-placed connect to your jimmies, the titles below should both hurt and titillate your viewing physique. Your DVD spirit may be willing, but surely, the flesh is weakened with your salacious urges.


Kneel Before Them

In case you were out, living underneath a drug addle rage of confusion, WB has announced the Christopher Reeve Superman Collection on 11.28.06. There’s no Cover Art yet, but a wealth of extras has been revealed. Beside the franchise being decimated into the ground after the comely highjinx of Superman III, the set also includes Supergirl for all of the ladies/Jeannot Szwarc fans out there. I forgot that Peter O’Toole graced the screens for that wondrous piece of work. Since you’re probably chomping at the bit for the news that’s about to rocket past you like a speeding bullet. After all, it’s all about “The Dude of Steel! You are so gonna get it!”

Superman: The Movie Four-Disc Special Edition
- Original 1978 theatrical version with soundtrack in Dolby Digital 5.1
- Commentary by producer Pierre Spengler and executive producer Ilya Salkind
- 2000 expanded edition movie with commentary by director Richard Donner and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz
- Music-only audio track (on 2000 expanded edition)
- Three documentaries (Taking Flight: The Development of Superman, Making
Superman: Filming the Legend, and The Magic Behind the Cape)
- Restored scenes
- Screen tests
- Audio-only bonus: additional music cues
- Vintage TV special The Making of Superman: The Movie
- 1951 Movie Superman and the Mole-Men, starring George Reeves
- Nine Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons mastered from superior vault elements (Oscar nominee Superman, The Mechanical Monsters, Billion Dollar Limited, The Arctic Giant, The Bulleteers, The Magnetic Telescope, Electric Earthquake, Volcano, and Terror on the Midway)
- Theatrical trailers & TV Spots

Superman II: Richard Donner Cut
- All new introduction by director Richard Donner
- Commentary by director Richard Donner and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz
- New featurette Superman II: Restoring the Vision
- Additional scenes

Superman II: Two-Disc Special Edition
- Movie with commentary by executive producer Ilya Salkind and producer Pierre Spengler
- Soundtrack in Dolby Digital 5.1
- Vintage TV specials The Making of Superman II and Superman 50th Anniversary
- New featurette First Flight: The Fleischer Superman Series
- Eight Famous Studios Superman cartoons mastered from superior vault elements (Japoteurs, Showdown, Eleventh Hour, Destruction, Inc., The Mummy Strikes, Jungle Drums, The Underground World, and Secret Agent)
- Theatrical trailers

Superman III Deluxe Edition
- Commentary by executive producer Ilya Salkind and producer Pierre Spengler
- Vintage TV special The Making of Superman III
- Additional scenes
- Theatrical Trailer

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
- Commentary by screenwriter Mark Rosenthal
- Additional scenes
- Theatrical Trailer

- Commentary by Jeannot Szwarc and Scott Bosco
- Theatrical trailer

I’d say that there’s enough for everyone, including Richard Pryor, in there. Just make sure to type in ‘Override all security’ on your Commodore 64.

BIRD FUCKING FLU Remember the bird flu? Or should I say BIRD FLU!?!?!?! How it was built up and summarily inflicted upon all of us, to jostle our complacency out into the open and preyed upon like some sort of little child at Neverland? Sony does, and they made an ABC MOW with it – Fatal Contact in America: Bird Flu in America. My first response was a hearty “get ‘em all!” before realizing that it might be time to take a long walk off of a short pier. The plot, like a cross between what’s good in the world (Joely Richardson) and what’s bad (the plot), shows us that indeed we can rise up and combat this deadly mysterious foe with a little luck and a lot of shaky cam. If you’ve seen the official press release, Sony wondrously states “lots of Publicity due to topical subject matter!” and for that, I salute them.

Never say never! – with:
- Extras TBA, if we can live to see the day.

Consequently, there’s never enough space in this scrolling column for me to fit everything. Chances are I missed an announcement or even ignored one. As such, you’ve probably heard about the fantastic Nacho Libre being estinky on 10.24.06, Click berating someone’s intelligence on 10.10.06, or The Green Mile: Special Edition washing it all away on 11.14.06. I’ve heard that Frank Darabont now holds the record for the longest commentary track ever recorded. Can’t wait to hear what his creatively buoyant brain has to share.


Region Free Fever

YESStanely Donen got into a very mod period of his filmmaking career, where his whole style changed. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, there are unique themes (one with a woman at its helm), the flashy camera moves and the urbane techniques that Donen uses. Charade compiles everything to brilliant effect. What’s interesting is that Donen attempted to take the breeziness of Charade, take what worked best, and molded that into Arabesque. It’s a movie that I find enjoyable, yet lacking the chemistry that propelled his former film and Two for the Road into more palpable films. Gregory Peck brings the necessary gruff playfulness to his role as the Professor drawn into a world of intrigue. Sophia Loren brings her waistline and not much else. She’s terrifically underused and her pull with Peck isn’t fully developed. As a romantic thriller, I think Arabesque works well, but is missing the je ne sais quoi that would have made it one of better thrillers of the era.

Now if only they’d get around to releasing Once More, with Feeling! onto DVD.

Follow that car! – with:
- Anamorphic (16:9) Widescreen Version
- Optional Czech, Danish, Dutch, English for the hearing impaired, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish subtitles. Sadly, it’s missing Olde English.

This is a Region 2 PAL DVD.

NEW WORLD UKIt took a while, but I finally came to terms with Terrence Malick. The first time I watched The Thin Red Line it grated on me like depression did to Van Gogh. Over time I came to appreciate his efforts. Like the sneakiest of all cinematic bastard recluses (in the most appreciative way), Malick’s films are filled with hundreds of thousands of tons of potential. They’re living, breathing paintings of light, sound, and image. Naturally, I heard the same complaints when his most recent film – The New World – came out. It’s boring. It’s so goddamn boring. I can’t help but object, since I think the film is as mentioned above. Filled with possibilities. Malick loves the lingering emotional resonance of people inhabiting their earth, but he also seems to understand how to push boundaries. Unfortunately he excised more than a few minutes from the U.S. release (molded into a 135 minute release, as evidenced on the US DVD) while places like the UK got the 150 minute cut. Thankfully, if you’re Region Free, you can see what exactly has vanished and if it helps shape the film even more so than it already is – wonderful.

Conscience is a nuisance – with:
- The 150 minute cut of the film

This is a Region 2 PAL DVD.

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Nip/Tuck: Season 3 is $41.63
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Some Kind of Wonderful: SE is $9.99
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