Next year will bring us two sequels to two action films, both of which I’m much more excited for the follow-ups than I ever was for the originals. Both of those films–Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance and The Expendables 2–have release posters today that I like, and hope represent the real spirit of the films themselves.

Both films represent an opportunity for the sequel to fully exploit the promise of the first film (be it Nic Cage’s insanity or old guys making young guys bloody) and go all the way. I get the impression from the trailer that Ghost Rider 2 may well have accomplished what I hope, but Expendables 2 is still a ways off and too early to call. Its poster feels right though, even if the credits are a little weird and Jet Li is nowhere to be found. Just love Norris so resolutely stuck in the center though. And of course… Crews’ face. Always priceless.

Check ‘em all out. Note that Stallone’s poster is a first official one-sheet, and that the super cool Ghost Rider art actually represents the first batch of results from a fan art competition that closes shortly.

Ghost Rider 2 Sources | Superherohype & JoBlo (via First Showing)

Expendables Source | JoBlo