David Cronenberg has always been great, always will be great, and is in some kind of a great rhythm right now with his balance of work. The guy is on fire. He’s working with who he wants to work with, and he’s that rare filmmaker who cred, coolness, and acceptance are all intersecting while he’s in a creative high. Usually the world clues in long after the fire has died. David Cronenberg arguably is at the top of his game.

So the news that his script for a Fly remake/sequel has been rejected by 20th Century Fox leaves me scratching my head. We all pretty much agree that Cronenberg’s The Fly is a classic, right? We all agree that he’s doing amazing work right now and really parlaying four decades of work into a finely honed vision, right? And a seminal horror franchise that he helped revitalize HAS his involvement, that’s amazing right?

Quick question for Fox:

What the fuck are you thinking?

Unless Cronenberg’s script was 122 pages of a Brundle family member fingering themselves to a soundtrack of buzzing you’ve got to make that film. This isn’t about your studio. This is bigger. This is legacy shit. Studios tend to forget that they spend frivolous money on dogshit of various sizes and shapes all the time. Huge mainstream films that tank, little oddities that succeed, and ones which don’t get their due until a decade later. Checks and balances.

But if David Cronenberg has a take on The Fly and writes a script… sorry, but your policies don’t mean dick.

So, no Cronenberg/Brundle reunion is likely. Eastern Promises 2 still looks like it may happen. But come on…

Source: IndieWire