’t know about the Podcast? Here’s the archive and here’s where you can hear them online.

We’re going to start taking calls at predetermined times starting this
Sunday evening at 7pm, eastern. Actually, we’ll be calling you but I
need folks to send emails with their name, phone numbers, and the topic
they want to discuss. We’ll schedule 5 of them per session depending on
a few parameters. Please use the link below if interested and if you
can chat Sunday evening.


Moreover, we have now established the Podcast Call-in line where you can record voice mails for the show! This is a fun new feature and I’d ask that you call in as much as you’d like. Some rules to follow:

1. Don’t try too hard. Have fun, be yourself, and try to contribute interesting or fun anecdotes, ideas, reviews, and most importantly… questions for the show!

2. Remember that we may use these so don’t say anything you’ll regret!

3. Try to use your real name, please. We aren’t big fans of anonymous jokers.

4. Offer sound bytes we may be able to use on the site, the podcasts, or for various promotional reasons.

5. If you’re someone famous, please record one! It’ll help us look more legit than we are!

(Warning, may be used on the show)