of my earliest memories was watching This Island Earth on our pop-up b&w television in Greenwood Lake, New York and telling my father how much I loved the bulbous headed creatures I later grew to know of as Metalunians (though technically I guess the Jeff Morrow character is the true Metalunian and they’re bug-eyed monsters). This was 1975 or 1976 and I had no clue that my concept of science-fiction was about to be obliterated. I have other early memories too. Father Demetrius and his "Speed Fist". A guy who I called Uncle Jack but whom I later realized was the Sea God Poseiden on shore leave. Ahh, the perils of youth.

This Island Earth has a brand spankin’ new DVD release and though it isn’t one of those cherished special editions loaded with goodies and snazzy retrospectives (hey, where’s the respect?), it has the movie on it and it’s a classic. It’s also the first time we got to see Russell Johnson on a project with "island" in the title.

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